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film-winder-packaging filmWhether you need High Barrier (meat, cheese, chips, grease, chemical) or a superior seal (peel seal, seal thru contamination, super bond) or stiff film (for high speed converting) or a super strong film or any combination of all of the above, Tara Plastics can meet your needs.

  • 8 blown film extrusion lines, including 3 layer and 5 layer co-ex
  • Widths: 10" to 90" wide
  • Thickness: 4 tenths mil to 6 mil
  • Roll O.D.'s up to 47"
  • Corona treatment: inside, outside, or both sides
  • Components: up to 15 different materials, with an accuracy of +/-.5% into one film
  • Single wound sheeting, Double wound sheeting, Centerfold sheeting, Tubing, Bag on roll, and perfed sheets on roll



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